What Business Is Zara In? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Zara, a prosperous fast fashion manufacturer and retailer, noted for its business process that is unusual, must consider the future of the company and its particular popular main brand. The organization spends hardly any on advertising produces clothes in the high cost labour market in Europe, apparently overspends on positioning high end stores in retail districts that are chic, and carries considerably less stock and charges 15 per cent less than its competitors.

What Business Is Zara In Case Study Solution

Though investors viewed this process as a formula for crises, the firm had proven them wrong by creating itself as a leader in the industry with its difficult-to-repeat strategy. But, the disruptive business model innovator is currently faced with new competitors who are trying to conquer the company at its own game by successfully copying key components of its rapid fashion strategy. The business must find a strategy to carry on to identify its brand in the business that is evolving, while getting more than its share of the massive market growth expected later on.

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What Business Is Zara In?

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