Warren E. Buffett 2008 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In January 2008, in the midst of the subprime mortgage crisis, Warren Buffett looking for good investment opportunities for its nearly $ 50 billion in cash. As usual, he was patient and careful in determining the right opportunities, however, the amount of money his company has grown considerably, and with so much cash sitting idle, returns may suffer. This case can be used to pursue several goals: (1) to demonstrate the leadership of Warren Buffett in the financial markets, and (2) to understand the principles and the principles of investing more broadly, and (3) to understand Warren Buffett and as a thinker and a leader in the world of investing and as an agent of stability in the world capital market is characterized by continuous change, and (4) to discuss solutions Buffett investment (Swiss Re, Burlington Northern, to fund its new bond insurance business, BHAC) and timing of these decisions in the midst of the mortgage crisis, and in conditions of increasing demand for energy, and (5) to discuss his decision not to invest in the banks in the current environment as well as its major investments, charitable Gates, and (6) to understand some of the new market forces, such as sovereign funds, As providers of capital "Hide
. by Giorgos Allayannis Source: Darden School of Business 9 pages. Publication Date: May 13, 2008. Prod. #: UV1197-PDF-ENG

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