Google Advertising Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In mid-2006, Google is the number one search engine in the U.S. with 99% of its revenue from its simple, text advertising services. He is on track to bring in about $ 9.5 billion in advertising revenue in 2006, enabling it to fourth place among U.S. companies, the media, in total ad sales, ahead of giants such as NBC Universal and Time Warner. However, he also began to explore new ways to expand its online advertising model, experimenting with more complex forms of advertising (including graphics, animation and video). Google also began to study radio / TV advertising space. Each of these attacks raises a number of key issues for Google, including whether it is possible to reconcile these advertising formats with its current business philosophy. "Hide
Youngme on Moon, David Chen Source: Harvard Business School 15 pages. Publication Date: October 30, 2006. Prod. #: 507038-PDF-ENG

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