Walt Disney and the 1941 Animators Strike Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Focuses on leadership lessons from the events precipitating shock animator in 1941, depicting the growing pains of a company that was also formed and changed American culture, the American culture has been formed and change it. History of the roller coaster journey Walt Disney from the small town newspapers minor emergency soldier piles in amateur animator and thrice failed businessman iconic leader said on the background of rapid and radical change in the early 20th century. Ambitious creative genius, he skillfully pursue new technological advantages and unambiguously understood and embodied the American social mores, but was reckless and naive about strategic business issues, particularly in relation to intellectual property and human resources management.
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by Nitin Nohria, Anthony J. Mayo, Bridget Gurtler Source: Harvard Business School 24 pages. Publication Date: December 13, 2005. Prod. #: 406076-PDF-ENG

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Walt Disney and the 1941 Animators Strike

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