Walmart: Navigating a Changing Retail Landscape Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Walmart: Navigating a Changing Retail Landscape Case Study Solution

Recommendation 02:

Most importantly, other in-store enhancement and improvement critical to the success of Walmart includes new item-finding phone app which can be used by customers for locating an item through virtual map in stores it is an automated pharmacy dispensary so customer would most likely retrieve online-ordered or phone-in prescriptions though an automated teller machine (ATM) like machine, and same day online order delivery & more store pickup (Samarhan, 2016).

In addition to this, it is recommended to Walmart to create a tech-empowered store for the purpose of supporting the associate productivity and improving the shopping experience, with the core consideration of omitting the friction from the way consumer get engaged with store.  By executing well on the fundamentals, Walmart would be able to become a world class Omni channel retailer, not only this, but also it would turn physical stores into the fulfilment places.

The company has been well-positioned in increasing the market share and has envisioned to grasp the market opportunities and is eager making long term investment in order to maintain its position in the market and to flourish in the forthcoming years. The success of the company hugely depends upon the competitive or lower prices, better customer services, regular innovation, enhancement of wide range of products and training of the associates.

Evaluation of Strategically Fit Recommendations

Obviously yes, the recommended actions are strategically fit and aligned to what the company would need to explore the market opportunities and would sustain in future ahead. Since the recommended strategies are based on the priorities specified by CEO of Walmart. The company would design its strategies as it would support the targets in terms of building a specialty experience, delivering new assortment and exceptional value through enhancement or improvement for online customer and with the improved access in store. The recommended strategies are built on the basis of addressing the four core priorities including being cost leader, incorporating technologies, upgrading the supply chain and improving the in-store shopping experience of customers.

Appendix – SWOT

·         Strong market presence

·         Economies of scale benefit

·         Effective & efficient use of resources

·         Huge gains through implementing effective & best practices

·         Market power over customers & suppliers

·         International presence

·         Brand recognition

·         Wide product range

·         Larger scale of business operations

·         Cost leadership strategy

·         Larger market share

·         Strong financial stability & position

·         Growing digitalization and e-commerce

·  Lawsuit

·  High employee turnover

·  Less differentiation comparing to competitors

·  Lack of marketing expertise

·  HR issues

·         Growing E-commerce operations

·         Changing shopping habits of customers

·         HR management

·         Online retail sales

·         Brand expansion

·         Green initiatives

·  Intense competition

·  Increase regulatory & legal pressure

·  Price wars with market rivals

·  Superior access of competitors to distribution channel

·  Taxation

Appendix – Porter Five forces Model Framework

Extent Of Competition – Strong ForceBargaining Power Of Buyers- Weak ForceBargaining Power Of Suppliers – Weak ForceThreat Of Substitute – Weak ForceThreat Of New Entrant – Strong Force
·         Large number of companies in retail market

·         High aggressiveness of competitors in retail market

·  Large consumer population

·  High consumer diversity

·  Small size of purchase of customer

·         Larger supplier population

·         Intense competition between suppliers

·         High supplier availability

·         Moderate substitute availability in market

·         Low substitutes variety

·         High cost of substitutes

·         Moderate –to- high brand development cost

·         Low cost of running the operations

·         Moderate cost of capital



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