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Emirates airline is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The airline is the largest international carrier in the world. It is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group which is owned wholly by the government of Dubai Investment Corporation of Dubai. Moreover, it is the largest airline in the Middle East.

The airline operates over 3,300 flights every week to different destinations from its central hub Dubai Interntional Airport. The airline covers more than 148 cities and 78 countries worldwide. Emirates operate its cargo activities from Emirates Sky Cargo. Emirates airline is the seventh largest airline in the world in terms  revenues. Emirates is the fourth largest airline in the world in terms of the total number of international passengers it carries.

In terms of scheduled passenger kilometer flown, Emirates is the third largest airline. It also operates nonstop commercial flights from Dubai to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston. Moreover, the airline is planning to launch the longest nonstop commercial flight in the world from Dubai to Panama City next year.

The airline operates with a mixed fleet of Boeing and Airbus. The airline has ordered 140 Airbus A380s which will make it the second operator of the type behind Singapore Airlines. Emirates has built a strong brand name in the market and have evolved as the major player in the aviation industry. In terms of excellence in service, the airline has been the most successful company. 

Emirates in India

            Emirates has been a major carrier for the people traveling from India to the United Arab Emirates and going back to India. The airline has been operating on daily basis to India because of the heavy traffic in this part of the world. Since UAE has a lot of Indian population working and installed in various positions in the country, therefore, Emirates has ensured that it has ample flights to carry people to the country.

            India has become a local hub for Emirates airlines because of the daily flights and the ever increasing number of passengers travelling via Emirates. It is a fact that Emirates has been currently practicing localization in India. The government of India has also been favoring the airlines along with the airport authorities which have been allowing Emirates to increase the number of flights to the country.

            Although the local carriers are also offering flights to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc. however most of the passengers that travel to UAE, travel through Emirates. India has been considered the next frontier for the airline. The revenues generated from this part of the world actually suggest that India would be the local hub for Emirates. 

Situation Analysis

Macro Environment Analysis

Pest Analysis

Political Environment:

            The airline has been well suited within the market because of the political support that the company and all the industry players have been getting by the government of India. The government has offered subsidiary to the industry players, which makes the raw material cost lower down. Moreover, the government of India has been particularly supportive of Emirates because it has been offering jobs to the local individuals. Along with this, the political situation of the country has been quite stable which has made Emirates consider India as a local hub for the airline.

Economical Environment

            The economy of India is on boom and on the verge of becoming a more stable economy. At the moment the economy is quite below par where the people living below the poverty line are quite large. Moreover, the country has been investing in various industries to increase the economic stability of the country. As the government has reduced taxes in industrial licensing, liberalization of foreign capital, it has helped the country improve upon its economic environment. The GDP of the country as per 2013 is $1.877 trillion. Marketing Management – Marketing Plan Case Solution

 Social Environment

            The social situation of the country is also quite helpful for the business environment because the population of the country is ever increasing, which provides the airline more opportunity to further establish itself in the Indian market. Moreover, the spending patterns of the locals have also increased, which has made India a productive and a profitable social country for Emirates. The average age or more than 70% of the population in India is between the age group of 15-65. The consumer spending patterns have also changed within the country.............................

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