Via Verde Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Adam Weinstein and developers Jonathan Rose were trying to decide which of three proposals to submit to the city of New York in response to an RFP to produce an affordable housing project in the South Bronx.

The site, referred to as Via Verde, was a 1.5-acre triangular brownfield in one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York City. It absolutely was 2006 along with the home market was peaking but had not yet crashed. Both Rose and Weinstein were seasoned developers of low-income housing, the former as CEO of the Jonathan Rose Companies, a national developer, along with the latter as CEO of Phipps Houses, the biggest non-profit developer and supervisor of low-income housing in NYC.

The three proposition choices differed for the developers, and differed in how much they comprised wellness-oriented, mixed-income living for the residents within their risk and return profiles.

Via Verde Case Study Solution


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