Vesture Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Vesture Case Solution

The brand Iwill be launching is a clothing brand, which would provide customized clothes. My business plan is to provide freedom to the people while choosing the clothes they want to wear.The customers will be able to place the order through the company’s website and would be able to decide the design, color which will be delivered to the customers in 7 days’ time.The customers will also be facilitated to have the dress stitched fit to their size.


The mission of the brand is to provide freedom to the people regarding selecting clothes which they want to wearand to make them use their creative skills to design their own clothes.


The vision of Vesture is to become the leading customizable clothing brand.


Freedom- Vesture gives the freedom to design your own clothes and wear your own style.

Fun- Vesture is all about fun, just dream of any outfit and we will make that dream come true.

Creativity- Vesture encourages creativity and wants people to think out of the box and break the societal norms by wearing what they feel and how they feel at particular moment.

Value- Vesture offers great value for money.Its pricing is so reasonable that the customers will be left amazed.


The product lies in the clothing section.The market for clothing is ever green, since people are tired of wearing and selecting from limited number of outfits and those which are new in market, are not in the reach of white-collar people.


The US market is a big consumer market with brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton that provide luxury outfit which are not custom made. A gap was identified in the market regarding people wanting freedom to make their own type of dress for which they do not have any platform to go as well as they do not consider visiting a tailor as it is a long process. Therefore, the website was made which provides a one stop solution to the customers at reasonable pricing.


The primary target audience comprises ofthe white-collars and the blue-collar people who earn $20,000 monthly. We will initially start with female couture with the age bracket of 19-50 years.


The secondary target of the Vesture would be males with age bracket of 19-35 years old.


We have chosen our brand personality as a wizard personality. Wizard brands tend to specializes in taking ordinary things and transforming them in to extraordinary. Wizard brands focus on the values such as imagination, surprises and curiosity..................

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