Going it Together: Coventrys Community Safety Partnership Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case looks at the adoption of Coventry, United Kingdom, of the 1998 law meant to enhance cooperation between government agencies to reduce crime. Coventry created Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership and hired staff for coordination between the police, local government, public housing, non-profit organizations and the business community (plus later, the fire and the National Health Service). The law gave the community a little guidance on what crime activity to continue, or, as they coordinate, but he proposed a partnership responsible for the crime. This case traces the efforts of Coventry to find mechanisms for implementation, as well as a side effect of the law on other areas of potential co-operation between government agencies. Students will gain an understanding of the problems at the local level, the implementation of well-intentioned but poorly specified, national legal mandates. They will see how individual leaders can make a difference in setting common goals and institutions of accountability. They will also learn about some of the innovative joint approaches to crime prevention. This case can be used in courses on public administration, about leadership, or the police. HKS Case Number 1831.0 "Hide
Steve Kelman on 17 pages. Publication Date: Aug 09, 2006. Prod. #: HKS096-PDF-ENG

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Going it Together: Coventrys Community Safety Partnership

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