Values with referencing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Values with referencing Case Study Solution

As per one of the elaborative definitions of the word ‘value’ our values help us explain the choices we make and why we make them(Kouzes & Posner, 2007). The fact that we bear the consequences of our choices as well makes these personal or core values highly important for us as individuals. A deep personal analysis of my priorities and beliefs has determined that my three core values are respect, honesty and patience. Out of these three core values, ‘respect’ takes the highest priority in this list and I believe it is the most essential ingredient in any relationship, collaboration or association.

Perhaps each of us has a different definition for each of these words and that is why most of us do not have the same priorities or core values in life. We have heard the generic idea of respecting our parents, teachers and elders but I feel each of us would define it in a different way.To me, the idea of respecting another human being is the silent expression of my feelings towards that person. It may not always be in the form of words since it’s this unspoken communication which shows whether I have this feeling for this person or not. If I am unable to respect someone, it is impossible for me to communicate with that person genuinely either. So respect to me is this intrinsic value for a person which would make his advice, suggestions and opinion important for me. Additionally, it would curb the desire in me to say anything or to communicate with that person in a way which would show that I do not regard his opinion or point of view. In short, I believe I respect human beings and allow them to express their opinions or ideas without having the urge in me to attack them with harsh words right away.

My father’s first advice to me on growing up was to have ‘respect’ as my core value in life. He explained how he had demonstrated this value to us all his life by showing respect towards my mother and towards me and my sibling. So I deeply understand what he meant when he said I should always be ‘respectful’. I show respect towards my family and friends by allowing them to express themselves freely and making sure that I do not humiliate them or their opinion. Additionally I try to keep my negative opinion regarding their beliefs or ideas to myself rather than disrespecting them and telling them abruptly that they are wrong. This also implies working on your tone and words such that your voice is not disrespectful or cynical.

‘Honesty’, my other top value also emerges from respect.  Being honest may simply imply being truthful and straight forward. However, when merged with ‘respect’ one knows where the line between straightforwardness and rudeness should be drawn. You may want to be truthful or straightforward but since you also have to remember to be respectful towards the other person, you may not always say what is on your mind especially if it is just an opinion and the other person may not really gain from it.  However, honesty demands eliminating lies from your life for if you can lie to a person’s face, you certainly do not respect that individual.

The third core value, ‘patience’ is also directly linked to respect. To me ‘patience’ is the act of withholding an emotion or expression and refraining from an act of immediate reaction to a situation. It is the act of remaining calm in a situation which may actually be strong enough to destroy the inner peace. So, if I believe in showing respect to an individual, I would also show patience towards a situation involving that person. I may have the desire to be blunt and aggressive but the fact that I honor ‘respect’ as a core value in life would give rise to patience as well.

Values with referencing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



According to Kouzes and Posner, values constitute our personal bottom line(Kouzes & Posner, 2007) which I understand is the point after which we would not be acting out of commitment to ourselves but the action would be a forced action demanding compliance. This means that one may be required to act in a certain way out of duty or fear but the action itself would not be one from the heart. It would just be an act of compliance and the individual would probably not have done it had he not been under a certain pressure to do so. In a way he may be stepping over his values and thus the act would lack commitment and passion(Kouzes & Posner, 2007).....................

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