Values Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Values Case Study Solution


The report illustrates the basic ideas of the word value.The word value refers to different meanings under different domains. It ranges from intangible characteristics of the human to a tangible value of money or time under financial sectors.Many times the word value is replaced by the ethical values however,the idea of value is different from the ethical value.It can be said that ethical values are the sub-categories of the values. Basically, on a broader term, refers to the principals or the behavior we as human tend to depict in a certain situation.These values are mainly formed by the type of environment, upbringing,culture and region hence tends to contract from one human to another.Since the values are often supported or framed under different religious or cultural perspective, many severe issues arise when the values collide against each other and since these values are supported by culture and religion mainly, the criteria to define the right and wrong value is critical.

Values in other perspectives also refers to the organizational values, ethical values moral values and personal values. The difference or conflict among the different categories of values among individual and organizational value also creates imbalance in the environment and thus leads to immoral activities and unethical actions. Perhaps, the word value collectively refers to the way of living life under certain behavior.

Keywords:  Ethical values, Organizational values, Culture, Religion.


Values are the set of concepts or beliefs that shape the life of human in the environment or society. These are the elements of life that one perceives important in order to pursue the life in the society.Usually values are intrinsic set of beliefs that develops and frames the certain personality and behavior of the individual in a society (Bisky, 1994). The collective pursuance of similar values hence develops a group or a similar society culture. Moreover, values are also the set of beliefs derived and framed through the cultural and relational value set and thus constitutes the part of human personality and thus the society. Values are also the set of intrinsic beliefs that gives meaning and a direction to human in the society. It gives the satisfaction of doing the things in the right manner perhaps according to them.The major conflict occurs when a particular set of values conflict with another set of value in a similar society or situation.It is due to the overly emphasized belief of doing a certain thing or action according to the self-belief value right while claiming others wrong. (Mario, 2012)

According to other studies, value also refers to the scale against which we measure the choices whether knowingly or unknowingly to rationalize the decision of ourselves and for others too. It serves as the tool to achieve the level of satisfaction for making certain choices in life, even if the decision results as the collective approach of hardships. (NORMS AND VALUES , 2009)

Values Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


According to the philosophical view of the value, the value represents the abstract idea that is followed by the people depending on the suitability under certainsituation or societal pressures or wellbeing. According to social sciences, values differ on different parameters and on different scales. For example, some people mayshow high affinity towards the climatic change and may respond to global warming differently as compared to others, it is due to the difference in extent of value each person’s offers to a certain phenomenon.

According to Cognitive sciences, the researcher explains the values as a mental process that is cognitive and emotional both in nature.According to the theory, the human beings tend to combine and incorporate the cognitive representations like goals, concepts, beliefs with the emotional behavior and set of attitudes that has positive or negative impact. (T.L. van der Weide, 2012)..............

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