UFID(B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case highlights the leadership, culture and organizational structure dimensions of UFIDA. The case starts with the Founder / rags-to-riches story of the Chairman Wang Wenjing author. Then the senior and middle management UFIDA authors from different backgrounds talk about their leader, Chairman Wang Wenjing. They express their views on the leadership style of Wang Wenjing author, corporate culture UFIDA's and vision. This case complements UFIDA (A) case, which looks at the organization as a whole, while the (B) case focuses on the people and their values. From different angles, the students can feel the management style Chairman Wang Wenjing's and his personal impact on UFIDA. The company, over 20 years, has been a successful supplier of management software in China (its largest domestic provider.) At the core, the key question is, "Can leadership style Chairman Wang Wenjing's, UFIDA's culture 2,0 and organizational structure together maintain UFIDA's future growth and goal achievement? "« Hide
on F. Warren McFarlan, Ben Young, E. Chen Source: Tsinghua University 31 pages. Publication Date: January 3, 2011. Prod. #: TU0009-PDF-ENG

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