TripAdvisor Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Technological experience:

Trip Advisor had the 10 years of experience in technology as it provides services online that is based on the real time technology. The site required higher level of security to protect the customers as well as vendors' data. To attract customers, technological advancement is required on a real time basis. The looks of the site attract more customers and if there is no delays in loading the site would also attract the customers.


Trip Advisor adopted the entrepreneurial culture where every manager is free to make decisions regarding the improvement of the product in the respective domain.


Trip Advisor has been involved in the alliances that has been gained through acquiring the some portion of stake into and this alliance increase its reach towards the market share that market reach is about 50,000 homes vacation in 50 states of the US market.


In the customer part of the 5 C’s, it analysis the market size of the customer that trip Advisor has and its potential of growth with respect to the market. The market segment of the customers varied with respect to the product line such as rental vacation has homes and condo, and flight services caters the online information about the fate of different flight fares.

The market segment provides the satisfaction to customers in terms of comparing different location with the prices and cost associated with it. It gives the customer an advantage to search out the places to visit according to their savings and consumptions. At trip advisor, the customers are fully in benefit as trip advisor has  35 million of resources to cover.

The information provided by the TA is insightful as well as valued and updated regarding the fare and the prices of the accommodation providers. The Trip also maintained the database in which it identifies the customer’s preferences according to the seasons with their income scale.


Trip Advisor indirect competition and direct competition are high, but TA has the competitive advantage over them and it is because of the competitiveness and value added services provided by the TA. The market share of the Trip Advisor higher than the indirect competitor cumulatively and it is also above its direct competitors such as IgoUgo of Travelcity and Yahoo Travel.


In the climate under the 5 c’s of marketing, it analyzed the macro environment in which Trip Advisor is operating. To analyze the macro environment Political, Social, economic and technological environment come with it. These aspects are also known as PEST analysis.

Most of the market of TA is located in the Europe where social culture is healthy and customers in that region travel a lot and visit historical places and wanted to search new places in the world. In this region Trip Advisor has captured the largest portion of the market against its competitors. Government intervenes on the internet and government control increases on a daily basis.


Trip Advisor is the largest travel site in the world, which allows passengers to plan for the perfect trip around the globe. Trip Advisor offers reliable advice and provide a variety of choices in terms of links on the site. The services they provided is available in 37 that make them the largest largest customer base company in its respective industry.  One of their business is dedicated to attracting more customer of TV’s site.

Trip Advisor provides a wide range of activities a customer undertakes while reviewing the site. These activities include making reservations and buying services both from the site or directly contacting the service provider. For consumers, Trip Advisor also provides the reviews, viewpoints and discussion points made by the customers those had enjoyed the services provided by the Trip Advisor to existing customers.



The strength of the Trip Advisory is the Brand name as its brand is well recognized and has the reputable image in the market for providing the reliable advice on planning the vacation trips. Its web site is easy to understand and easy to use. Trip Advisory also introduces the Trip application that provides all the feature of the site for free.


Its weakness is the expenses incurred for maintaining the site as it is one of the largest networked sites available on the internet. It provides unbiased reviews from the customers that make it vendors compete with others at highly competitive environment. Current acquisition of the vacation services information site, by the google that makes the competition intense in the market.............................................

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