Transforming Human Resources at Novartis: The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Major challenges facing the Novartis HR organization in the implementation of HRIS

There is a lot of potential in the HRIS that could transform majority of the organizational function in a manageable form. Despite its positive potential organization faces some difficulties in its implementation. These hurdles are being characterized into three core areas which are technical, organizational and managerial.

Technically the advantages of the HRIS system were highly appreciated organization wide which has brought up its users expectation so high. On this the management is of the opinion, if the system would unable to fulfill user’s expectation then it will be harmful for the implemented system because user would become dissatisfied from software’s performance and they would compare their expectation with implemented HRIS.

Another technical aspect was to focuses on the features that enhances work productivity rather than to include elements which attract HR interest.

It would be highly appreciated it to remain stick with the work with patience and not to lose focus from its implementation process. Because long processes needs stretched attentions to get the desired results. Prediction of potential difficulties would be wastage of time because it’s too early to estimate the level of difficulty of the end user. While at the same time it is also important to keep reviewing the system from its final user’s perspective because lope-holes can be filled with little efforts but a new feature cannot be added after the software’s complete execution. So it is highly valuable to involve them during the formation of the system.

Problems caused from humans were also creating some sort of inconsistencies which are relating to the managerial actions. Number of managers possesses negative opinion regarding the elements of the project. However their basic responsibilities were to keep check on the implementation process and to remove the accordance of any hindrance during its application.

Another major problem on the managerial side in the implementation of HRIS was that the unexpected difficulties revealing one by one and each problem stretched the time of application of the process. The manager was trying to simplicity the complexities at the same time which was also increases the time of implementation.

Reasons for the failure of HRIS

With all the different benefits associated with HRIS, it certainly has some drawbacks where HRIS has actually failed to perform as per the expectations. Following are the reasons why HRIS has failed to produce the results it is expected to actually provide the organization. If the goals of the organization and the purpose of implementing HRIS are unclear it fails to deliver the expected output. With the implementationof HRIS organizations tend to believe and in fact set unrealisticgoals which makes it a fail project because eventually the targets west needs to be realistic.

HRIS has failed to perform in the perfect manner because it lacks flexibility and the element of adaptability. The underestimate conversion efforts also tend to make it a fail project because unless the user involvement is not up to the mark it can hamper the success of the organization. HRIS sometimes makes it a low user involvement project. The reason is simple, with HRIS implemented organizations tend to relax and in fact rely too much on HIRS to handle functions and duties of Human resource. The system also lacks accuracy and expertise in making it a sure success for the company. It is a fact that sometimes HRIS fails to deliver because of the impact of planning on the clerical procedures.

Obstacles of HRIS and ways to overcome

The major obstacle faced by Novartis while implementing Human Resource Information Systems will definitely change the focus and the vision of the company. One of the major obstacle that the company might face with the implementation of HRIS at Novartis will the fact that the Human Resource Information System will represent the most obvious major transformation in the fundamental and significant role along with the responsibilities of the Human Resource functions at the company.

The HRIS system will definitely change the whole procedure and it will become rather inevitable for the company to actually transform and align itself with the new system. Although the system is considered as a positive thing within the company, but the major challenge will be to designate the required roles of each individual at Novartis Human Resource department. To overcome the problem of and to make it strength for the company, Novartis will have to identify the roles and responsibilities of each individual in advance. Once the roles are planned and actually discussed, they should be communicated to the team so that they can also analyze the situation and transform their work ethics according to the needs and wants of the newly developed culture.........................................

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