Too Hot to Handle How to ManageRelationship Conflict Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Common sense, along with the published weight management advice, recommends management teams to engage in task conflict directly, but avoid relationship conflict. Implicit in this council the premise that it is indeed possible to separate task and relationship aspects of business conflict. Argues that the distinction is not always possible to control commands. When the teams are discussing "hot topics", the main differences (task conflict), tend to cause negative attributions about other motives and abilities (one of the key elements of the relationship conflict). When this happens, most managers to suppress their true thoughts, thus avoiding genuine discussion. However, when interpersonal powers depressed, they tend to seep into the business conversation in any case, such as in the form of charges or involves aggravated tone of voice. Such dynamics are virtually inevitable, even if managers try to avoid them. Makes a distinction between "hot" and "cool" theme can help determine when to avoid discussing the conflict in management teams possible and when it is not. In addition, the management team before the hot topics to learn how to handle conflict relations efficiently, despite the increased emotional and interpersonal tensions associated with them. "Hide
by Amy C. Edmondson, Diana McLain Smith Source: California Management Review 28 pages. Publication Date: November 1, 2006. Prod. #: CMR349-PDF-ENG

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Too Hot to Handle How to ManageRelationship Conflict

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