Engro Chemicals Pakistan Limited – Business Disaster Overcome Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited (Engro) was a very large manufacturer and supplier of fertilizer in Pakistan. He had a number of subsidiaries and joint ventures in various enterprises. The company was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) and was among the top rated companies KSE. In August 2007, the company headquarters was completely destroyed by fire. The office located in Karachi, and the fire destroyed all the equipment, as well as paper copies of accounting records. The company was suddenly faced with a catastrophic loss, as the records were critical to the day to day operations of Engro. Information technology (IT) department has developed a disaster recovery plan (DRP) in 2005, which was solely due to the reduction of IT services after any event that may make the business systems of order. The company refers to the DRP, as news of the complete destruction of the premises was obtained. IT and finance staff had to use a back-up equipment and data files to restart the case the transaction processing.The includes a description of the various business systems used by Engro and data security processes, which allowed the company to restore the accounting and other systems necessary for its head office . The principal aim is to focus on minimizing business risks arising in connection with the destruction of IT services. The case also has details DRP, which can be analyzed as to its content, as well as details of management processes Engro, which allows discussion on corporate governance in the company. "Hide
on Muntazar B. Ahmed Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 18 pages. Publication Date: December 14, 2009. Prod. #: 909E24-PDF-ENG

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Engro Chemicals Pakistan Limited – Business Disaster Overcome

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