The War for Management Talent in China: SPSS China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is part of a package of training materials that China uses to illustrate managerial implications in the so-called war for talent, and is designed to create an understanding "as the best talent to play the game" in China or elsewhere. We strive to create interactive and rich class discussion of issues raised among experienced business practitioners, taking a number of interesting learning formats: opening note, in four cases, "detailed exercise" and video. In particular, in this case we are talking about the franchise was founded in 2006 by SPSS, NASDAQ-listed software provider worldwide with management. This is a foreign investment company uses a network of channel partners to sell their technology to serve its customers. Thomas Casas, the Spanish-born CEO, aims to increase its contribution to the global income SPSS by 4% in the five years of the company. To do this, he must find qualified managers to support and develop the network of trading partners. Because social skills - including an understanding of the local dialects and rituals - it is very important to build relationships with partners in different regions, Casas realizes that he should be especially careful when evaluating candidates. However, such a talent is scarce and expensive in China. He must figure out the best way to fill the position. Learning Objectives: Among the most important issues in talent management should be considered in this set of teaching materials, the following are the most central to the study of a class of participants: From tabulation of potential candidates is the first and most important step in talent management, which features should a business leader looking for meet the requirements for the competence of today and prepare for the future? What would some of the creative possibilities and practice sources, attract, develop and retain talented managers? "Hide
by William A. Fisher, Rebecca Chung Source: IMD 2 pages. Publication Date: February 11, 2008. Prod. #: IMD345-PDF-ENG

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The War for Management Talent in China: SPSS China

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