The Virginia Carlton – Taylor Haydon Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

With the final paper of the term submitted, there was only one remaining hurdle for Taylor Hayden before departing the following day for an exciting and challenging summer internship with a strategic consulting firm in Washington, DC: a meeting with Hunter Morgan. Morgan was the closing prospect interested in subletting Hayden’s bedroom in the Virginia Carlton for the summertime.

All other inquiries had led to dead ends. If Morgan did not agree to sublet the bedroom, Hayden would have to absorb the entire cost of the bedroom expenses for the summer-an unpleasant outcome, but one with which Hayden was harmonized. This case scenario along with its companion case, “The Virginia Carlton-Hunter Morgan” (UVA-QA-0782), described a mainly distributive negotiating situation to which additional problems may be added for the common advantage of both parties.

The Virginia Carlton - Taylor Haydon Case Study Solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about COMMUNICATION

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The Virginia Carlton – Taylor Haydon

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