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What is the secret of true service innovation is to shift the emphasis from the service to return to the client. Instead of asking, "How are you?" Managers need to ask, "How does the customer?" For too many companies, innovative services means incremental improvements to existing services. While the emphasis is on improving the current service certainly has its place, we point out that it limited the ability of firms innovation, restricting new ideas. To really innovation, companies must expand its focus beyond existing services and capabilities to meet the basic needs of its customers, including employment and the results of those customers who are trying to achieve. With a further focus of innovative services to develop joint solutions to customers, firms have more opportunities to create cutting-edge service offerings and processes. This will lead to the value of co-creation that is both meaningful to customers and uniquely different from competitive offerings. To this end, we present the four steps for companies to lead the innovation-oriented services. "Hide
by Lance A. Bettencourt, Stephen W Brown, Nancy J. Sirianni Source: Business Horizons 10 pages. Publication Date: January 15, 2013. Prod. #: BH505-PDF-ENG

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The secret to true service innovation

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