The Rapid Equipping Force Customer Focused Innovation in the U.S. Army Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Rapid Equipping Force Customer Focused Innovation in the U.S. Army Case Solution

The Rapid Equipping Force (REF) was a center of innovation within the United States Army. Its origins traced back to 2002, and by 2013 it had actually established options to countless issues dealt with by soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. It dealt with issues as different as discovering Taliban munitions concealed in caverns and wells, determining prospective improvised explosive gadgets (IEDs), minimizing the need for fuel to run electrical generators at remote stations, offering air-borne monitoring, and avoiding lorries from being disabled by blowouts. The REF had actually constantly worked carefully with soldiers in the field, however under the directorship of Col. Peter Newell, starting in July 2010, it had actually actively teamed up with academic community, market, and other companies within the armed force. Newell's directorship ended in May 2013, at a time when the war in Iraq had actually ended, and the war in Afghanistan was unwinding. Wartime financing, the source of the majority of REF's spending plan, would quickly be ending; and general military budget plans were dealing with substantial cuts. Checking out the future, how could the army best use the abilities the REF had established, and the lessons it had discovered? Could the REF's culture of innovation be scaled in a peacetime army? Could its distinct characteristics be protected in such a way that may be scaled the next time the army was hired to go to war? Could it focus its efforts on sustaining Special Operations in Africa and other areas of stress?

Knowing Objective

This case can possibly be utilized to attend to a number of finding out goals. Management may be checked out by taking a look at actions Newell took as its director. Scaling modification can possibly be dealt with by taking a look at the REF's function in the army, inhibitors of its efforts, methods of conquering those inhibitors, and manner ins which the ingenious methods taken due to the REF might be propagated throughout the army.

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