The Pepsi Ultimate Taste Challenge 2012 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Pepsi Ultimate Taste Challenge 2012 Case Study Solution


Pepsi Co has developed a substantial market share and brand awareness in the Canadian region. Through its campaign “The Pepsi challenge” now iterated as the:“ultimate taste challenge” the company developed strong product awareness and recognition in the market.This helped Pepsi to capture more market share than Coca-Cola group in the Canadian region. However, the brand awareness of Pepsi needs to be developed more in the market, since the rising market penetration of Coca-Cola and hosting rights of the Olympic tournament has posited the great challenge for Pepsi to retrain its sale and to sustain its position and brand share in the Canadian market. In such situation, the marketing agency BBDO, has proposed the social media strategy for Pepsi to drive market recognition and brand awareness, increasing the sales and meeting the target set by the company.Since BBDO has always developed the smart strategies, helping Pepsi to transform its brand image, it has become difficult and complex for Pepsi Co to turn down the recommendation and strategy offered by the BBDO.


The purpose of the Memo is to assist the Director Marketing to decide and choose the social media strategy and to gauge its impact on brand awareness of Pepsi.It is written to assist Hadley to understand the benefits and long terms advantage of social media and to offer the strategy in implementing the social media strategy in the organization.

BBDO Marketing proposal

Well, by analyzing the overall strategy proposed by the agency (BBDO), it can be said that the agency have covered the substantial parts in developing the social media strategy,It has incorporated Facebook as the main medium of the campaign targeting, which is quite smart, since the users in Canada and especially the millennial ate more active on Facebook and tends to update and share the moments on facebook more as compared to other platform. Moreover, the use of twitter is also smart and strategic move proposed by the BBDO, since Twitter work on the trending factors ad hashtags, and the more the consumers use the hashtag of #UTC, the more it will trend and ill reach more people and fans, creating a bullock of fans to be directed to facebook platform. In addition, the use of twitter is also essential, since the millennial(age between 15-30 years) tends to depict the behaviors of using the smart tags to promote the interest and to share among their circle.

Lastly, the strategy of introducing QR codes and sharing of the pictures taken at the Pepsi booths and with teams will greatly create a surge of consumers towards facebook and Pepsi stores in an attempt to win prices. All this will create social virility and will create substantial impressions and shares, that will ultimately increase the campaign awareness and hence the target of Pepsi to reach to less than or equal to 1 million consumers in the Canadian market.

Challenges with Marketing to Millennial

Since the major target market of PBC is millennial, the change in mode of interaction and communication with the end market may posits some challenges for the PBC. These challenges includes:

  • The ability of the campaign to drive the value of the campaign #UTC for the millennial.Since the social media will offer an indirect or passive mode of communication, it may create the dis satisfaction among the consumers that enjoy interacting with the brand through direct communication methods.
  • The other challenge is to eradicate the monotonous tone and to keep u the excitement level through active interactions.Since Pepsi will attract millions of new and existing fans on social media, the development of an active interaction channels will become a challenge for PBC and thus may disgruntle the millennial that demands frequents interaction with the brand.

The Pepsi Ultimate Taste Challenge 2012 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Campaign Success

Well by analyzing the overall strategy proposed by the BBDO and the past success of the strategies proposed by the agency, it can be said that the new social media strategy will be successful in the market. It is due to the fact, that millennial are the generation born with the smartphone in hand and that interacts with the brands through social o digital medium.The most used medium in Canada and overall US for Millennial is Facebook, which is continuously increasing and thus increasing pool of substantial users and buyers at one place.

Moreover, another trend will make the campaign the success, which is “The power of sharing and using hashtags”. It is due to the excessive use of the hashtag by the millennial and to follow the events or campaign that is trending in the market.Since under the proposed strategy, twitter will also be incorporated (which has quite vast customer base) to promote the campaign, the catchy hashtag will quickly create extensive and aggressive reach to the market, creating sustain market awareness and virility in the market leading to generate substantial expressions.....................

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