The Tim Horton’s Brier Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Tim Horton’s Brier Case Study Solution


The game named as Tim Horton’s Brier is being launched and its launch is going to be in London, Ontario. The manager, Inch, is responsible for the promotions and marketing of the game, however last year, sufficient and predicted revenue were not generated. Therefore, the manager was taking new and cost effective steps to market the game. The marketing and promotional techniques were vague and were not due to the particular target market.On the contrary, these marketing techniques were cost effective and high recognizing. Therefore, along with the current marketing tactics, some new recommendations and analysis of current marketing plan and techniques have been provided below.


To analyze the promotional plan of Peter Inch, we would be using SWOT analysis to measure the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the marketing plan.

SWOT Analysis


  • Introduction of the game and championship would create enthusiasm of watching it directly.
  • Directly targeting malls and other public places will give the message to a higher number of people in less time.
  • Cost-effective strategy of promotion of the game.


  • The potential and target customers are unknown and unidentified, that would cost the loss of time.
  • Due to unavailability of resources such as brand ambassador and unawareness of target market, the marketing is not strong.


  • As there are high number of teenagers and youngster are in mall, the message will be spread.
  • This strategy will spread the message to many other youngsters and interested people.
  • Less cost is applied due to the word of mouth marketing strategy.


  • Loss of time and energy.
  • Unknown target market will result in high cost marketing

Market plan

A proper marketing plan is needed to be developed for the sake of increasing number of tickets. The marketing plan consists of analyzing Product, Price, Promotion and Place that need to be specific.


The products that need to be sold are the ticket of a newly introduced game named Brier. This game is enjoyed most when watching it live. However, due to many reasons, people are less willing to pay for the tickets. Therefore, marketing tactics to sell these tickets are to be developed.


Apart from die hard fans, the people who are likely to have interest are mainly cost effective and they are not able to spend a higher amount of money on simply purchasing a ticket. However, some discounted deals are necessary to be introduced to sell the product easily. The strategy of low price tickets need to be formulated. These pricing strategies along with promotions will help the tickets to be sold ina higher volume.


The promotion of the game and sale of its tickets is being done in a famous bar or mall. However, along with these promoting techniques some discounted deals, such as purchasing tickets earlier would be less costly or purchasing 5 tickets will cost free for a ticket. Moreover, by purchasing tickets at a mall or a specific place, will result in free food or any other gift item. These promotional tactics will help the manager to sell tickets at a reasonable cost and earlier than match.


The Tim Horton’s Brier Harvard Case Solution & Analysis




The place that is used for promoting and marketing of product is essential to consider. Apart from malls, the manager should conduct enthusiastic and energetic competitions and races in different colleges and universities, which are more likely to be the target market and are interested in different sports. However, exclusive student discount on tickets should be provided to them.


Apart from above marketing and promoting tactics, the manager should develop an extra ordinary marketing plan by discussing it with the team and professionals. Moreover, an estimated cost should be spent over promoting the game and making it famous by selecting any celebrity as the brand ambassador, or developing inter colleges and universities competitions. These recommendations will help the company to build up the enthusiasm and make the game more famous, which would result in selling tickets more easily and frequently.......................

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