The Oakland A’s Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Oakland A’s Case Study Solution


Mark Noble is base A player; who had good performance in the previous year. His performance before the 1980 season was not significant. It is Noble’s agent who has been claiming that Nobel deserves to be compensated for the performance, and that he is the sole attraction to the audience during the games. He also argues that A team’s rank has considerably increased due to his outstanding performance as he finished second as the best pitcher in the last season.

The current salary of Nobel is $40,000, and his agent has demanded the salary of $600,000 per year. He also claims that his client Nobel has outstanding performance in the last few seasons so he should be compensated for his performance which made team A to finish second in the championship. The claims presented by the agent of Nobel could either be false or could be based on statistical data of the past performance.

Oakland’s team performance has been consistent since 1975, but the surprising performance of Nobel has been lucky for the whole team. Furthermore, the home attendance during the series was the highest in history, and it also contributed to increased revenues at box office. On the other hand, the General Manager Roddy who was in negotiations with Nobel’s agent was confident that the team would give good performance in 1980’s season and the team did well according to his expectations.

It is a concern for A’s team management that what should they do in order to approach successful decision that favors the team as whole and players as individuals. Meanwhile, should player be compensated for the outstanding performance, or should his salary be increased as per the statistics given by Nobel’s agent.

Problem statement

If the claims of Mark Nobel’s agent are justifiable, then how should A’s team compensate the player? Should it compensate the player with bonus or should it increase the salary of the player over his performance?


The performance of the team’s player has significantly improved as compared to the previous seasons. He has ended up as the second best pitcher of the season and team also finished second in the tournament. The performance of the team was consistent in all seasons but the improved performance of the team might be the result of three important factors. One; the performance of Mark Nobel has improved as compared to previous seasons. Second; the manager of the team was Billy Martin who is well known for his victories to convert defeated games in wins.

Billy Martin has a successful track record for his performance as a team manager and he is also considered one of the most successful and reputable managers. It might be a factor behind the improved performance of the team and Nobel’s that they performed well. Third; that Roddey team’s general manager also anticipated that his team would perform well in 1980’s seasons. His predictions are well known in the world of baseball and he also quoted throughout the news and magazines for his predictions.

However, it is not a concern that how should they settle the matter with the agent of Nobel regarding his compensation. There are two ways by which the team could compensate the player.One that player should be given bonus for his performance, and second that his salary should be increased over his improved performance. But, there would be a question mark over consistency in performance...................

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