The next government of the United States: Why our institutions fail us and how to fix them Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The book “The next government of the United States: Why our institutions fail us and how to fix them” is written by Donald F. Kettl. The writer has basically started off with the fact where the book starts off with the changes in the United States government have been emerging their shape.

The genesis has also continued with the major observation that the monumental forces have been looking to change periodically while they bring in fundamental changes to the overall work ethics of the United States government without basically transforming the foundation of the United States system.

The book basically explores the fact that the public policy of the country has been disturbed with the differentiating opinions. Moreover, the book also indicates that there are some big changes that shall be prevalent in the coming time. Along with this, it is also not clear that these changes shall be quite, sudden or subtle.

As the book has been indicating the irregularities of the policy makers, the book also indicates the painful and daunting aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina, which hit the country in the year 2005[1].

It came through the Gulf Coast that showed the system has been struggling to show different problems. The book also explores the issue where Donald has been finding possible treatment for his mother in law, Mildred, who has been facing health deteriorating issues[2]. Since the government itself has been facing quite a few issues, therefore, it needs to be dealt accordingly.

The book has also explored the fact that the government has been resting on three tectonic plates and the overall change, which is defined at what occurs at their boundaries. There is privatization where the role of the government and the relationship between the public institutions and the non profits.

Secondly, the role of federalism whiles either relationship with the dates, national or also the local governments. Third in line is the element of globalization. Over here, the role of the United States and the different factors in the world has been changing the political, economical, and environmental and the social systems.

Moreover, the author has also been exploring the concept of the fact that all the three tectonic plates are looking to shift simultaneously. The methodology used in the book is rather unusual. In addition, the product has been an evolving dialogue with the government officials over a long period of time.

Along with this, it can be said that the book is basically an argument, which has been based upon the observation about the United States government that has been the pessimistic notes.

The book has also found out different methods and ways, which can be adapted by the United States government to overcome the problems and issues of the 21st century. The author has assured that his stakes are quite large in the building of the next generation of the country.

Critical Review

The book has been quite well written by the author and it has covered the smallest of details to research upon the topic that has been presented in the book. Donald has been quite keen to focus on different issues he has looked to explore in the research.

The main issues presented in the book are about the collaboration, networking challenges, the irresponsible government, routines and the remedies, tectonic, the rocket science and the political future. The writer has explored quite minor and smallest of details.

The book has also diverted the attention of the government to the modernization and the adaptability of the upcoming threats and the different challenges.

The book has discussed the incident of Hurricane Katrina, which leveled the Gulf Coast. Moreover, it has also exposed the myriad weakness of the American government where it has lacked to actually identify the emergency preparedness.

The author has look studied the disaster and the end of life care where his mother in law has received the Medicare and Medicaid to also argue the wholesale rethinking of the way state, federal and the government have been delivering the different services to the people. However, it sounds a little odd and actually pretty unclear also[3].................................

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