The National Geographic Society (Abridged) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In January 2010, John Fahey, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Trustees' Executive Committee in Washington, DC, the National Geographic Society (NGS), to decide how best to organize the 121-year mission is managed by the World accelerating digital convergence and lower sales magazine. Historically proponent of evolutionary change, he sees a radical step: the creation of a senior management position responsible for the coordination of e-commerce web offers and outreach in the various divisions of the Company, the transition of NGS many disparate and independent direct mail efforts more comprehensive and strategic e-commerce strategy and use NGS relationship with its members - is now defined as a magazine subscribers, because the subscription comes with society membership. finishing touches to the post and its reporting mechanisms has led to considerable debate within the organization, and Fahey is torn about how to proceed. "Hide
by David Garvin, Annelena Lobb Source: Harvard Business School 15 pages. Publication Date: May 31, 2012. Prod. #: 312120-PDF-ENG

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The National Geographic Society (Abridged)

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