The Messy Business of Reinventing of Happiness Case Study Solution

Key Issue:

Would the newly project MyMagic+ released for the Disney Parks be much effective in the future for attracting and retaining its customers and overall improving the company revenue?

Due to advanced technology and the changes which have been occurring, the management of the Disney Park decided to launch a wristband by the name of MyMagic+ to improve the efficiency of the park. The wristband would act as a paying method, for access to hotel rooms and rides and would also monitor the customer behavior. There had been many critics on the new invention during its release, and this causes management to worry about the future.


For launching the new IT project MyMagic+ the CEO of Disney Park Bob Iger, convinced the board of directors for the project’s approval. The project had received around $1 billion of investment for transforming the entire Disney Park. For implementing of the new project, the infrastructure of the park and hotels were needed to be changed such as the locks of the hotels, developing the wristband, providing employees with the training, establishing a complete Wi-Fi connection in the park covering almost 30 million square feet and others. The vision and strategy were clear as the main reason for the MyMagic+ was to improve the efficiency of the park through reducing the lines on rides, providing safety to the customers on their hotel rooms and pre-ordering of food which would be directly served to the customers for their ease. This would include the endless lines of rides, foods, hotel, and bathrooms as the park were filled with many complications.

Nowadays it is essential for any company or organization to come up with the creativity for surviving in the rough market, a company without taking risks would surely fail. There were two sensors included in the magic band first was the long sensor, and other was the short sensor. The short sensor would interact with customers by observing what it purchases, and it’s buying behavior whereas the long sensor would track the guests. This would lead to better-optimized flow for controlling the crowd. Many of the top management of the Disney and other companies CEO who were partnered with Disney were supporting the idea of the newly MyMagic+. There were several issues arising during the launch of the project as it may even damage the company reputation if no action is taken. Such as some of the wristbands were defected causing a problem for the people to access the rides and ordering of food. Some of the old people were having problems to use the newly wristbands and could not cope up with the new changes.

Short-Term Projects- Improvement and Advertising

The step which the management took before the releasing of the MyMagic+ was effective as it did a number of testing, worked with many outside IT firms for enhancing the project and shared and gained more ideas from the IT teams. Once everything had been tested, the next step which the Disney took was that it announced in the New York Times for the releasing of MyMagic+ where millions of customers had been attracted. Most of the people were satisfied by the MyMagic+ wristbands as it made easier for them to pay only by just flicking on their wristband as they no longer had to worry about bringing wallets. The rides’ transactions times had been reduced by 30%, and there was no line at the main entrance to the park.

The overall satisfaction of the customers was increased by 70% due to the new MyMagic+ project. There were around 10 million of the customers who had already worn the wristbands which made the company deliver spectacular earnings................

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