The Meatpacking Factory Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The administrator of a large meatpacking plant has decided to the demand of his 100-plus Muslim workers that have asked to take rests at sundown to correctly observe the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The supervisor considers it is a suitable response to the spiritual demands of such a large portion of his employee base, although such an exception is an irregularity. But the requested breaks-at very exact times-have begun to interfere together with the overall process of the plant, resulting in a loss of productivity.

Other employees have become irritated, considering they are carrying the load of the rest times and resenting what they see as preferential treatment. Because of the productivity issues, the other employees' grievances, and concerns about the trustworthiness of his direction, the manager considers reneging on his deal with the workers who are supposed to be Muslims.

The Meatpacking Factory case study solution


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