The Curious Case of Dell (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

It is a two-part case which examines the events that led to CEO Michael Dell's decision to bring his business private in 2013. Case A is an international business strategy case about transforming and turning around a $60 billion technology company, as well as the challenge of valuing that business as its legacy diminished and its ambitious diversification program progressed; and case B is a bargain case about an extremely public going private process and the financial and transactional problems that gripped the market for close to a year, prompting both public and private market participants to debate the worth and future of Dell.

The cases also address significant policy questions about the incentives and functions of numerous participants, the adequacy of public disclosure about large complex companies, and also the difficulties board face in managing turnarounds and exits of large complex enterprises. The case presumes some working knowledge of corporate finance.

The Curious Case of Dell (A) case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about FINANCE & ACCOUNTING

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The Curious Case of Dell (A)

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