The Branding Challenges of Asian Manufacturing Firms Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

During the past quarter of a century, Asia has risen to become the world's factory. This trend has, however, coincided with the comparative decrease in value of production in comparison to other value adding activities, including R&D, design, and branding. This significant "value shift" has eroded the gross profits of manufacturing firms and sparked considerable interest among executives in Asia to design, brand, and market their own products.

To date, however, this transition from being manufacturing oriented to becoming brand owners has mostly only been proficient by the Japanese and Korean firm. In the rest of Asia-including in the growing giants of India and China -there are not many valuable brands. The truth is, there's not a single Asian brand from a state other than Korea and Japan in Interbrand's 2008 valuation of the world's top 100 brands. Our article discusses, in depth, the challenges that Asian production businesses run into as they attempt to become "branders" and how these challenges can be beat. Based on our cooperation spanning consulting and academia, we have been able to harness a wealth of case studies, information made accessible through research, and Interbrand's database of finished brand related duties across Asia.

The Branding Challenges of Asian Manufacturing Firms case study solution


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The Branding Challenges of Asian Manufacturing Firms

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