Challenge the Boss or Stand Down Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Challenge the Boss or Stand Down

Tom’s and Frank good/ bad communication Skills

1. Tom, this week’s client meetings went well, but they would have gone better if you had been on top of the market data,” it read. “When you’re on your own, I expect you to be better prepared. It’s essential for your new responsibilities in developing market strategies for your region.”

Frank seems to be little angry at Tom, he thinks that Tom was not prepared well for the Presentation as he did not covered all the agendas and points.

 “Taking a break, Tom?”

Frank seems angry as there is lot of pending work that Tom has to do and he is relaxing due to which Frank thinks that Tom is not that much motivated towards the work.

“No, Frank,” Tom replied coolly. “

I was thinking through my kiosk-services development project. If we can’t get new offerings out there soon, we won’t be able to compete in this business.

Tom seems little bit relax and also worried about the targets that he has to achieve as he thinks that targets are too big to achieve and he is worried that if he don’t achieved them his business will suffer.

 I know you’re not a fan of the project, but—”

Frank thinks that Tom is not that much interested in the project.

5. “Did you read my e-mail?”
6. “Yes,
7. I did.” “And?”
8. “And, yes, I will prepare better.”
9. “Good,” Frank said.
Frank asks about his mail in a way that he want to assure Tom to do work in better way.
10. “And, Tom, I need you to put your skunk works project on hold. The market-strategy meeting is next week, and I still haven’t seen your plan, which was due yesterday. That is your one and only priority right now. Capisce?” “Understood,” Tom said wearily.

Frank thinks that Tom is lazy in his work and he has already delayed his work for a day , that’s why Frank in dictator way ask Tom to give all his priority to this project as Marketing meeting is due in next week.
Tom seems somewhat confused and worried about the double digit target. The work load is also too much as he has already not complete the work which was due yesterday.

11. “Tom, you’re ambitious and creative,” she’d begun, solemnly. “This group needs a fresh perspective, and I’m willing to take a chance with you. But you’ll have to learn quickly. You don’t have managerial experience, and while you’ve nailed your sales roles, this position requires you to think strategically as well as tactically— and to work across layers of management. I expect you to seek guidance from some of our seasoned managers.”

Shanon in a serious way motivated the Tom and acknowledge him that she is taking chance on him as the work is too tough but she is also assure by the previous work of Tom. Shanon knows that Tom is good at sales work but not in the Managerial work. Therefore, she expects from Tom to get grip on the managerial work soon by taking guidance from the other managers.

12. “I’m sure you will, Tom, but you’re walking into a tricky situation with Frank. He has very aggressive growth goals for next year—maybe more than the market data warrant. You’ll have to manage that. He’d also expected to choose the new senior marketing specialist—and he would not have chosen you.” She paused. “I need you to do better than your best.”

Shanon seems confident that Tom will achieve the targets but at the same time she also seems worried about the future goals which are too tough to achieve .While on the other side, frank is very much hardliner to achieve the goals. Shanon is also worried as she has recommended the name of Tom to Frank..............................

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