Teradyne corporation: The Jaguar project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Teradyne corporation: The Jaguar project The Case Solution  

The company’s customer feedback-based analysis is lacking too. Customer needs were only considered during phase 1 of the project. Hence focus on the quality principle of Prince 2 is omitted here. Quality of product is established using consistency. The project in many areas prefers a dynamic atmosphere. For example, projects include a work breakdown strategy, but it doesn’t specify the degree to which the reproducibility of the products can be frequently monitored. The assessment of reproducibility helps the company achieve a high value of product robustness, and ruggedness can be acquired.

Another problem for the project is the time consumed. it is the time wasted in discussion for adaption the tool or not. There is not sufficient control present in this area. The company doesn’t have the framework of what type of tools are going to be approved by the company and why. The reason should serve the purpose of the project but here decision-making consumed 90% of the time and no time was left to evaluate the risk areas of tool management.


For project expansion leadership positions need to increase, since the project is a hybrid and has multiple owners. The responsibilities should have been divided as to who will monitor which area. This will help develop leadership in each area, accounting for one person for the decision of a single area. This practice should be involved before starting the project and analysis should be done on which shareholder can bring the most profit based on the result achieved. The strategy of assigning a single owner for a single area in terms of decision-making can save a lot of time. This can solve conners concern of information overload too, a certain leadership is assigned responsibility o decision making information management area.

One strategy that company has used is worked breakdown structure which refers to breaking down a project into small subjects that would be given to individual team members. This kind of strategy is an efficient way to get things done in a limited time. The drawback of work breakdown strategy requires strict sop following as well as timely monitoring of the progress else differences in each member's capacity can have an impact on the entire project. Similarly, three-point analysis for small decisions, it can be proven to be time-consuming and earned value analysis can only be useful if mission and vision are clear and discrete but not otherwise case....................

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