Taking Stock of Hong Kongs Human Resources Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Talk attempt Hong Kong to become a knowledge-based economy and its socio-economic conditions and the main trends in employment and labor, as well as the strength predictions for 2005. Questions that need for Hong Kong to achieve the status of a knowledge-based economy, which industries of Hong Kong should focus on, what kind of people should be to develop and attract, and how it can develop its human resources. The major discrepancies of the workforce and the needs of the industry, is regarded as the skills to bridge the gap, and outlines challenges of Hong Kong in attracting talented, skilled people and specialized resources. Also focus on population policy in Hong Kong and its new approach to bringing highly skilled knowledge workers and other professionals from China and other foreign countries to receive Talents Scheme and receive mainland professionals. "Hide
by Gilbert Wong, Marissa McCauley Source: University of Hong Kong, 16 pages. Publication Date: June 6, 2003. Prod. #: HKU263-PDF-ENG

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Taking Stock of Hong Kongs Human Resources

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