T. Harris Photography Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The research paper is on how to market and brand my photography business (T. Harris Photography) in the fashion industry. References and APA style. In the paper, it should consist of these parts:

Literature Review

Marketing is a diversified field that consist of numerous parts that are associated with human behavior and psychology. These parts of marketing are focused on the development and growth of enterprises, brands and products. It has always been difficult for organizations to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Branding and marketing play a key role in building the brand image for any business (Roger, 2012).

In this digital arena, it is really tough to visualize a world without the presence of photographic image. At everywhere stage of life, people come across moments in which they try their level best to capture a lot amount of memorable moments and these memories are usually surrounded by pictorial images. Photographers and their photographs are considered as the essential aspects of mass communication and social life, specifically in the 21st century (Urdzikova, 2012). These heart-touching memories in the form of images retain as a part of history forever. This photographic world makes people realize the beautiful colors of the world as well as assures them how beautiful, cheerful and creative their lives actually are (Hannavy, 2005). The protection of memorable events in life is definitely the most vital and significant aspect of photography. Photography is one of those technologies, which are adopted by every individual across the globe. Further, addition of cameras like DSLR and SSLR add value to the vision of photography in global and digital arena. In past, it has been observed that people were less-equipped in terms of technology, which forced them to illustrate photographs. By time, the new technology has made these illustrations outdated. The new developments in the digital photography take these traits of photography to the next stage. Most of the times, customers buying behavior depends upon the nature of the product, which they are buying because when they buy daily usage product so sometimes they can reduce the factors of brand loyalty and go ahead with some new product. But, when it comes to expensive or important products like medicine or cameras so people are quiet conscious when buying these products.

Fashion photography is a kind of photography, which is loyal in displaying of clothing and other fashion trends. It has been observed that the fashion photography across the globe is most often carried out for advertisement purposes or for the fashion magazines for e.g; Vanity Fair, Elle and Vogue. By time, fashion photography has introduced its own artistic approach in which fashions and clothes are more highlighted by the charisma of attractive locations, accessories and most importantly the skills of photographer. These days specifically in the fashion industry, photography businesses are completely based on digital photography that has played an optimistic role in the revolution of photography (Tom, 2002). The advancement of digital photography is an entirely  new concept and stance on the digital photographic image. This business across the globe is flourishing with a fast pace. With the help of technology, people are getting involved in the photography business and in many parts of the world, there are professional institutes that offer training and learning opportunities for individuals. For coming up with a business like photography, one needs to study some important variables like customer relationship, brand image and price variations. Most of the times, customers’ buying behavior depends upon the nature of the product, which they are buying because when they buy daily usage product so sometimes they can reduce the factors of brand loyalty and go ahead with some new product. But when it comes to expensive products or unsought products like medicines, people so they are quiet conscious when buying these products.

  • Customer Relationship

For any business or for any kind of work, one needs to have excellent customer relationship management. Every industry has serious importance but when it comes to photography industry, so definitely its value increases due to the high sensitivity of the product. When they actually sense high-value fulfillment in the all services and product offerings, then consumers are expected have an optimistic feeling about their nourishing experience (Kambiz & Ronak, 2010) To make customers for the life time and in order to attract those customers who will become supporters for sure, they need to have confidence that one always do what is actually superlative for customers and not just what is suitable for his/her business (Urdzikova, 2012). In fashion industry, it is extremely hard for photographers to satisfy models because they are viewed by massive audience; therefore, chances of error cannot be neglected. Due to high sensitivity, it’s really not easy at all to maintain excellent relationship with customers or models (Lee, 2005).

Excellent Customer relationship can be used as an approach to accomodate more customers’ actual needs and wants in order to grow durable relationships ...................

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