Swedish Lottery Bonds Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Profiling unsystematic risk for the investor communications, describes the case of a lottery bond issues Swedish National Debt Management (SNDO). Swedish lottery bonds a certain type of fixed-income financial instruments for Swedish retail investors. A distinctive feature of the lottery bonds is that, unlike traditional institutional linkages, usually guaranteed interest - coupon - that's only paid as a "victory" to the bondholders, selected in the drawings. It takes place in March 2003, when Anders Holmlund, head of analysis, considering a proposal for the next bond issue lottery. When considering the issue of bonds, he also thinks that the big picture: What are the benefits of debt issuance Office lottery bonds, especially in light of the recently launched online sales system that allows retail investors to take part in government bond auctions? "Hide
by George Chacko, Peter Hecht, Vincent Dessain, Anders Sjoman Source: Harvard Business School 24 pages. Publication Date: July 22, 2003. Prod. #: 204048-PDF-ENG

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Swedish Lottery Bonds

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