Sugar Bowl Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Sugar Bowl Case Solution  


The case is about a young girl, Shelby Givens who is a recent business graduate. She has returned from her schools to Raleigh, North Carolina where her family was living. Her family owned a bowling alley that was becoming old-fashioned and was not in profit any more. She decided to help her family business, she initially targeted on internal matter of the company where she reduced expenses to a large extent and this resulted in the club able to generate profits within 9 months of operation under her reign. Although the business was able to generate profits but Givens expected that the market conditions were tough and the business could not survive for long term with building something unique for its customers. She then took a big risk of converting her business of bowling games to an urban lounge where people could sit and receive drinks and food and other services, she called this business “Super Bowl”.The main revenue generating activities of the business were selling foods and beverages which generated considerable cash flows.Now that Givens family business was successful on small scale, she planned to expand it and for that required capital for which she started meeting investors.

Problem Statement

The main problem in this case is that Givens has planned to expand her family business which she has developed from loss making company to profit generating company. Now she has to convince the investors to invest in her company. Another problem is that Givens in her student life took student loans which she plans to pay off from this business and therefore need to know if she could generate enough money to pay off her debt from this business.

Westlake Lanes

Westlake Lanes was started in the 1970s by Dane Sugar, who was an entrepreneur in Raleigh, North Carolina. After his dead it was run by his family and in the 2010, the club was facing insolvency problems and was at the verge of bankruptcy. Shelby Givens, who was the granddaughter of Dane Sugar, was studying management at college when she was called by her family to manage the falling business. She was talented and had managing and entrepreneurial skills like her grandfather. She accepted the challenge and continue managing the club and within a very short period, she was able to turn the loss making club into profitability session. She focused on cost cutting by placing relevant controls which support the cause of the business. Within 9 months, the club was able to generate profits for the owners. But Given viewed that the club did not have potential to continue for long and generate profits on sustainable level. She identified the social and environmental factors that may have affected the ability of the club to remain sustainable. The main reasons she identified were that Westlake provided only bowling game whereas the popularity of the bowling game had been falling the past few years, therefore people have lost interest in bowling and the club. Another reason she identified was that the club was a family spot and the strategies only targeted families. Whereas the family time had considerable reduced in U.S and individuals now prefer to go out with friends more therefore the market segment of the company has totally declined and the company needed to change its market or target a different segment of market.................

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