STRATEGIC REPORT Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the year 2012, Soren Skou became the chief operating officer for Maersk. The company ever since its start has integrated successful marketing, management, business strategies within the business to become one of most successful marine cruise organisation in the world.

Industry Overview

The shipping industry has been highly competitive market. Most of the firms that have been operating in this market have been facing stiff competition not only from the rivals and the competitors however;the ever changing rigorous government rules and regulations have also made the situation quite stringent for the market players. Along with this, all the players have been quite competitive in the market which has made the industry highly competitive. The different players in the market have been offering high quality services to the market customers which make the market quite lucrative for the players in the market.In order to serve the customers’ needs, the customers have been given high quality services. Local and international have been operating in different markets to make the players and the customers get decent opportunities in the market. The logistic and the transportation industry have been highly competitive. If investment is made in this industry, then it would favour the firm. The employees or the human resource in this market arealso quite skilled...........................

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