Steve & Barry’s: To Save or Not To Save? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Steve & Barry's grew speedily in the mid-2000s, transitioning from a sequence of small stores selling affordable collegiate-branded goods near university campuses into a $1 billion mall-based giant selling an extensive assortment of low priced, celebrity-backed clothes.

While the company had a broad following, elements of its development strategy-potentially exacerbated by economic conditions-led to its downfall that was rapid. By the year 2008 Steve & Barry's had confirmed bankruptcy, and a variety of private equity firms were investigating whether some or all the business should be saved. This requires especially diagnosing the explanations for its failure and assessing the inherent business strategy pursued by Steve & Barry's before and after its growth stage.

Steve & Barry's To Save or Not To Save case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Steve & Barry’s: To Save or Not To Save?

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