SSISM-Social Entrepreneurship or Chaos? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

SSISM is true of a missionary organization, founded by an upwardly mobile IT professional PranjalDubey, who leaves the trappings of a successful career to pursue what he felt was his life's calling, to make a difference to the community around his ancestral village, through providing better instruction to the youth. The case emphasizes Pranjal's effort and evangelistic zeal as he battles multiple hurdles on a daily basis to try and make a difference in the grass root level. However, what clearly must be defined is how he can set a workable business model, in the lack of which the organization is not likely to reach its vision.

The case discusses the many challenges SSISM faces on multiple fronts including motivating individuals, ensuring quality of education, funding, and changing social mind sets. In addition, it addresses the problem of the involvement and duty of society. From the outlook of Pranjal, the principal protagonist, the case provides several rich pastures of conversation comprising, should a local or global view be manifested by him, and how should he keep up the movement, going forward? The case touches upon several procedures that are fundamental in entrepreneurship and Strategy concerning creating a sustainable business model for an entrepreneurial missionary organization. As an entrepreneurial missionary company in its growth period, SSISM should manage the excellent balance between growth (present earnings, customers, etc.) and sustaining and disseminating its evangelistic vision.

SSISM-Social Entrepreneurship or Chaos case study solution


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SSISM-Social Entrepreneurship or Chaos?

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