Snowden Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

1-Describe how to improve team performance by monitoring and impacting (exercising leadership) the dynamics and connectivity of the team.

The Cynefin Framework:

Two authors Boone and Snowden have developed a new viewpoint on the concept of decision making and leadership. The concept is based on the basis of complexity science that resulted in the formation of Cynefin framework. With the help of Cynefin framework, executives and team managers can classify issue into five situations. The first situation is known as simple context that is known to be a domain of best practice. In this context, the cause of the issue and its effect on the situation are crystal clear. In this situation, managers and leaders first need to sense the situation, then categorize it and then respond accordingly. No assumptions are required to solve the issues in these circumstances. Moreover, in this situation, the managers can easily recognize both the values and limitations as well.

Next situation is known as complicated contexts in which panels of experts are often required to solve the issue present in the situation. In this situation, the managers and leaders may have more than one correct solution to the problem and the cause of the problem as well as its effect are clearly defined. In this complicated texts, the leaders and managers must sense the sensitivity of the situation, then analyze it and respond accordingly.

The third context is known to be a domain of emergence and known as a complex content. In this situation, the solution to the problem is not clearly defined rather; managers have to find out the patterns from the issues. These situations created experiments and environments that allow patterns to emerge. Managers in this situation need to first probe, then sense and respond. These kinds of situations increase levels of communication and interaction.

The next situation is known to be a chaotic situation where rapid responses are required to cope up with the situation. In this kind of situation, the cause of the problem and its impact on the business are impossible to identify. In this situation, managers and leaders need to the first act, then sense and respond. Managers have to make quick decisions and decide what will be the best solution for the present situation in no time.

The last one is known to be a disorder context in which the leaders fail to identify whether the context is simple, complicated, complex or chaotic. It can now be clearly evident that strategies and tactics were once successful but are now useless because of a change in the society and change in the situation as well. As of now, leaders need to evaluate and analyze the context of the issue and make a decision according to it.

Exercising Leadership:

In January 1993, a shooter killed seven individuals in a fast food cafe in Palatine, a suburb of Chicago. In his double parts as a managerial official and agent for the police office, Deputy Chief Walter Gasior abruptly needed to adapt to a few distinctive circumstances immediately. He needed to manage the lamenting families and a scared group, help regulate the operations of an amazingly occupied police office, and take questions from the media, which immersed the town with news hounds and film teams. "There would be four individuals having a go at me with logistics and media issues at the same time," he reviews." Also amidst this, in any case we had a division that needed to continue running on a routine premise."

Despite the fact that Gasior was at last fruitful in juggling different requests, not all leaders attained the coveted results when they confront circumstances that oblige a mixture of choices and reactions. Very regularly, supervisors depend on normal approaches to leadership that work well in one set of circumstances however they miss the mark in others. Why do these methodologies fizzle when rationale shows they ought to win? The response lies in a principal suspicion of organizational hypothesis and practice that a certain level of consistency and request exists in the world. This suspicion grounded in the Newtonian science that underlies exploratory administration supports rearrangements that are valuable in requested circumstances. Circumstance's change and as they get more perplexing, the disentanglements can come up short. Great leadership is not a one-size-fits-all recommendation.

The leaders and supervisors need to grow the conventional methodology to administration and choice making as well as structure another viewpoint focused around multifaceted nature science. In the course of recent years, standards of science have been connected to governments and a wide run of commercial enterprises. Working with different contributors, framework for Cynefin has been produced, which permits executives to see things from new perspectives, osmosis complex ideas, and address true issues along with good fortunes. The schema connotes the various elements in the environment and encounters that impact people in ways that can never get it. By utilizing this methodology..............................

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