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Service And ; Design Delivery Case Study Solution

Part B

SIPOC Diagram

            Evidently, SIPOC diagram is one of the effective and useful tool for determining all related elements in relation to the process improvement. It enables the company better understand the process and have a details of inputs, suppliers, outputs, customers and process. A SIPOC diagram would help McDonalds improving the ordering process of burger, identifying issues and improving or enhancing the quality of the services being provided. Not only this, it would improving satisfaction of customer. The SIPOC diagram for the McDonalds is provided below;

Potato vendorPotatoCustomer places orderBurgerBurger loving customerCorrect order
Vegetable suppliersPopCashier input customer order into ordering softwareSoda pop with iceAdultReasonable price
Packaging suppliersCheeseCollecting paymentFries with saltChildrenFresh food
Ice suppliersLettuceOrder identification number is createdMeat (grilled)Aged customersTasty food
Bread suppliersTomatoOrder ID is transferred to cooking areaHygienic food
Straw suppliersPorkFood preparation employee assembles products based on order IDServed hot
Tray suppliersChickenEmployee pour drinkTo go or for here
Marketing & design suppliersBeefFryer employee assembles order and place it into tray of customers
Cheese companySauseTransaction complete
Boxing companyBuns


The SIPOC Diagram is showing the overall process at McDonald’s which includes various stages, also there are various inputs which are important for making delicious food to serve its customers. It is significant to notice that there are number of requirements which are important to make the experience of customers delightful and pleasant which includes correct orders, serve hot, reasonable price, tasty and delicious food and hygienic food.  McDonalds is one of the dominant and leading brand all around the world, with more than 69 million customers per day the company is recognized as the largest fast food chain restaurant. The whole process of serving customer is ten to fourteen minutes.

Customer Journey Map                

The customer journey map of the MacDonald’s is provided below;

DoingWebsite, store, Facebook, tweeterFood trialOnline or drive through10-14 minutesEating
FeelingHungrycuriosEager, excitedCuriousSatisfied, pleased

The overall experience at McDonalds is always delight its customers. It is to share here that the stores are now being updated with the WI-FI and modern interiors. One of the notable change is the table service. Recently I went McDonalds with my family, I could even order on the digital kiosks or at the cashier. Kiosk was accepting debit cards and credit cards, android pay and apple pay. After placing my order, the crew member was bringing food. It has been analyzed that the company is trying to put ultimate control over the hands of its customers. since, it is to say that ordering at the cashier might be stressful for the customers at McDonald’s, the table service is not allow the parents with children’s to be seated fast in spite of standing in line and balancing strollers or trays. It is also noted that the company is now investing in training its employees so that they would become a party of the hospitality experience. This in turn have elevated the experience of customers and this had done by capturing and exploring the right opportunity at right time. The orders were placing promptly and correctly, I and my family have been served with hot food and he entire employees team have been welcoming customer with the smiling face. The entire team have been collaboratively working to make the customer delight and to satisfy them with by talking with them. The employees have been ensuring that each and every person or customer is being happy with the quality of the food and the wait time through their purchase. Also, the team have been answering questions or query that I had and assisted me in enjoying the overall experience of dinning at McDonald’s. The entire staff at McDonald’s was well trained and experienced in handling customers and serving them and making them willing to come again. The quest of McDonald’s for the growth and development naturally needed a commitment of the company to the customer service, which has been identified as the core driver of business. In the customer management climate that tends recognizing the connection between knowledgeable and happy agents and satisfied and happy customers such commitment of the company resulted in a push towards a greater and satisfied experience of employees.

It is to justify that the company has successfully determine compensation, by increasing the employee base salary have been curing the workplace of all sources of inefficiency and dissatisfaction. However, it is one of the reason that the increasing salary have leading to loyal and happier employees. This in turn, have made employees become more willing, motivated and encouraged to perform their duties and retain with the company in forthcoming years. In short, it is to say that the better productivity at McDonald’s and better retention of its employees have resulted in a better and satisfied experience of customers.

Customer Touch points

To deliver the best experience to customer and to be able creating a communication strategy which would build a conversation with the customers, has helping McDonald’s visualizing planned and current customers journey as well as the core touch points all across the different channels of marketing. When starting a closer look over the journey of customers, a good place to commence is the several touch points that the customer has with McDonald’s. It is way through which the company most likely interact and get engaged with its customers. Generally stating, the key purchase channels tends to be well-defined with the business. the direct contact that the company can use includes marketing channels such as telephone, postal, email, Facebook and blogs, order fulfillment includes payment, return and delivery and research channels includes consumer forums website, customer services and stores. On the other hand, the indirect contact includes word of mouth, social sites, reviews of customer etc. they are equally important and significant to be considered as they most likely build an entire picture of various customer touch points (Richardson, 2010).

The promotional and interaction strategies being followed by McDonalds have allowed to communicate effectively with the larger base of customers and to maximize market share by competing with the market rivals.  Relating the customer touch point with McDonald’s customer points, it is to analyze that the customer touch point includes;

The company has been pursuing the social media strategy in highly competitive market arena, as the company has been serving larger customer base per day in 118 countries. It has been actively engaged with its customers through social media platform and it has been connected with the digital savvy customers, thus building a customer loyalty. The most effective platform being used by McDonald’s includes Facebook and twitter where the company get interact with customers by communicating with customers, keeping them engaged with the company’s happenings and indulge in conversation with customers. By doing so, the benefits of using social media platform has been accruing company in terms of customer reach and increasing sales. Since McDonald’s is remain one of the recognizable brand all around the world, this can be seen in the social media communities. The US page of McDonald’s has more than twenty seven million fans and the local market page of McDonald have all hundred thousand likes. Unlike to the McDonald’s Facebook page, the company in USA have been heavily investing in terms of efforts and time for the purpose of maintaining an active tweeter feed. It most likely posting several updates to entertain its 995000 followers each day, therefore the company has been avoid tweeting anything too fast and off messages and instead it has been remains resolutely focus on product promotion.

Another platform being used by McDonalds is the Pinterest through which the company has been maintaining separate accounts for its local customer based in twitter Facebook, the company has only 1 corporate account on Pinterest.

Personnel selling is another technique in which the employees have been working in different outlets which is one of the best example of the personal interaction. Due to the direct communication of the staff and employees with the customers, there is a likelihood that the customer’s become more attentive to the personnel selling. In addition to this, the company has been engaging in organizing sales promotion programs and contest in different retail outlets and markets in which the company tends to distribute freed discount coupons.

In addition to this, the public relation is highly believable and credible because employees play effective role in interacting with the customer, by deeply communicating with the customers, the company is able to be aware of what its competitors or market rivals are communicating, this in turn has helped the company to create a beneficial difference between competitors and the company.

Furthermore, the company has been adapting direct marketing approach in which the company has been using tool in home delivery services through which the company serves its customer directly to their houses. One of the preferable technique is using website for direct marketing in which the company most likely mentions all the offers along with the nearly situated outlet’s contact number (Dawar, 2013).............


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