Segmentation at Sticks Kebob Shop Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is utilized at Darden in the Marketing Analytics elective. A Sticks executive team is interested in opening a second quick-service restaurant in Richmond, Virginia. But before doing so, the team wanted to gain a better awareness of who were Sticks' customers, which place would bring the very best customers, and the best way to best connect with customers.

An opportunity to gather survey data presented itself. Would the psychographic and demographic assumptions the team had assembled from speaking to people in shops align together with the survey responses? And what would the data indicate about where to find new shops and about what messages and marketing channels to utilize to encourage them?

Segmentation at Sticks Kebob Shop case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about  SALES & MARKETING

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Segmentation at Sticks Kebob Shop

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