Sea Change: Rewriting the Rules for Port-Security Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This 29 min. video investigates the advanced approach used by the Coast Guard to manage the process of developing new regulations that would raise port security in the consequence of September 11, 2001 attack. It features an in-depth dialogue with Coast Guard Captain Suzanne Englebert, who volunteered to head the effort, using a more collaborative, less prescriptive framework than had ever been applied before in a regulatory process to the monumental challenge of altering a complex system with hundreds of private organizations and scores of government agencies working at different levels. Under a tight deadline to provide that change, Captain Englebert facilitated a string of public meetings aimed at turning the mandates of the newest Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002 into specific, real regulations and set up. Her ability in managing those assemblies ensured that the new port security regime was constructed to a sizable degree on interaction and the knowledge of its own varied stakeholders, and that a brand new network was created whose members felt invested in communicating with each other. The video contains five 5-6 min.

Sections that may be used in sequence or separately. Alongside Captain Englebert, other associate of the port protection network are attribute, instead of a container terminal, the customer ferry industry, labor unions, and small passenger boats. Compelling footage of the port of Seattle provides students with a feeling of its inner workings, while other scenes illustrate the distinctive management style of Captain Englebert. List of segments: 1) The interface system and the Coast Guard (6 min.) 2) The challenge after 9/11 (5:20 min.) 3) A new way of regulation (4 min.) 4) The public assemblies (6:30 min.) 5) Results / The network (6 min.)

Sea Change Rewriting the Rules for Port-Security case study solution


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Sea Change: Rewriting the Rules for Port-Security

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