Scottish Courage Limited (B): Nairn Results Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Killing, Peter

If for example; as the brand-new manager suspects; the technique of the company requires to alter in an extremely essential method; how should he choose if he is proper; and then go about making the modification occur? How much should he rely on the judgment of his brand-new direct reports? Even as he thinks about these standard concerns; a significant supply chain crisis emerges; and then an acquisition chance develops that both his employer; the Chairman of moms and dad business Scottish and Newcastle; and his direct reports; believe is a great concept.

What position should he take? Scottish Courage is the UK's biggest maker; producing such beers as Foster's; John Smith's; and Kronenbourg 1664. It is the biggest system within Scottish and Newcastle; a significant European maker based in Scotland.

Scottish Courage Limited (B) Nairn Results case study solution

Subjects: New leader; Leadership; Strategy; Change
Settings: United Kingdom; Brewing; Large; 2002-2003

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Scottish Courage Limited (B): Nairn Results

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