Science Technology Co.–1985 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Director General of the U.S. electronics firm assessment of financial forecasts and financing plan prepared by Chief Financial Officer. Given the cyclical nature of the industry and the volatility of the company, the CEO does not believe in the usefulness of the predictions based on the extrapolation of the straight line speed of sales growth and a stable relationship profits and assets for sale. Learning objectives include: 1) how many years in the future, if the predictions work given the level of uncertainty, 2) how to deal with uncertainty in the preparation of forecasts and the development of a financial plan, and 3) how to estimate funding needs in the disaster. "Hide
by Thomas R. Piper Source: Harvard Business School 8 pages. Publication Date: Feb 02, 1989. Prod. #: 289040-PDF-ENG

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Science Technology Co.–1985

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