Saurer: The China Challenge (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Ryans, Adrian

In November 2004 Saurer Twisting Systems established a new twisting machine called Focus in China under the Volkmann brand. The (B) case describes the start strategy for the new merchandise in China and India; the competitive response; and the early results Saurer attained.

By June 2005 it was clear that Saurer Twisting Systems would easily attain its objectives in Pakistan and India; but China was proving to be ambitious. The CEO of Saurer Twisting Systems was attempting to decide what additional steps he might take to hasten Volkmann’s improvement in China and to cope with the competitive threat presented by a leading Chinese competition.

Saurer The China Challenge (B) case study solution

Subjects: China; Marketing; Strategy; Implementation; Competitive analysis
Settings: China; Textile machinery; €1.7 billion; June 2005

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Saurer: The China Challenge (B)

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