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Question 1
In order to determine the relationship between the work conflict and the family conflict, the Pearson Correlation coefficients have been computed in the SAS output. The total number of the observations is 190 which are basically the working adults. The correlation coefficient in the table below is 0.6417 or 64%. This is moderate to strong correlation and its direction is positive. This correlation has been calculated by simply holding the inter-role conflict variable constant. This correlation could be interpreted that a certain source of work conflict might have an impact or contribution in family conflict and vice versa. The SAS output is shown in the table below:
Similarly, in this case the correlation has been calculated between work satisfaction and family satisfaction. The correlation has been again calculated by holding the life satisfaction variable constant. The correlation coefficient is 0.6545 or 65% which is moderate to high correlation and the direction of the correlation is positive, which means that a change in one variable will have an increasing effect on the other variable. This correlation is slightly higher than the correlation calculated previously.
The correlation which changed the most after controlling for the third variable was between the work satisfaction and the family satisfaction variables. This tends to show that a positive approach and satisfaction either at work or at family through family relationships has a much higher impact on the other variable. The bi variate correlation changed more for these two variables because the satisfaction of a family is dependent upon the satisfaction of work also.
However, the dependency of family conflict on the basis of work conflict would not be significant or strongly significant as compared to the previous. The practical implications for this result are that people specially working people need to be contended with their work otherwise they might face issues within their families and vice versa. On the other hand, businesses need to keep their employees highly satisfied so that it serves the purpose of the business for serving the entire humanity and making their lives satisfied.

Question 2
A four step approach had been followed by Baron and Kenny in order to determine that whether mediation is caused by a variable for creating a relationship between two other variables. In order to do this several regression models need to be constructed and the significance and the coefficients for each of the model need to be examined. Three out of the four steps are interpreted in this part. The description could be seen in the diagram below:

First of all in the first step of this approach, the simple regression model has been generated between work conflict and life satisfaction. The output is presented below and interpreted.

The adjusted R square value between the two variables is 64.95% and the correlation or the relationship between the two variables is 69.65%. The adjusted r square shows the dependence of the one variable over the other. However, in order to determine that whether this dependency is significant or not, the significant value for F test need to be interpreted. The significant value is 0.002 which is less than the level of significance of 10%, therefore, the overall regression model is significant. Finally, the percentage variation in life satisfaction by work conflict is -0.921 which means that if work conflict increases by 1% then life satisfaction would decrease by -0.921. The p value for the independent variable is insignificant.Overall, this regression model is fitted...........

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