Sap 2014: Reaching For The Cloud Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Bill McDermott is becoming the sole CEO of SAP AG, SAP AG is the world leader in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) field. The challenge is occurring at SAP's investors meeting, at a time when the company's stock is near record high. A 2010 strategy has already committed the company to an evolution to cloud computing. The key commuter behind this modification was the development of SAP HANA, an in-memory computing technology that joint database, data processing, and application platform functionality. Proprietorship of cloud infrastructure was a key question. SAP can form, own, and operate its particular data centers, or partner to locate SAP HANA and other products with other cloud set-up providers, such as Amazon, Microsoft, or IBM. McDermott also has to make decisions around the association and headship of the company's cloud determinations.


  1. How to strategically manage the ownership decisions?
  2. H1: Forming a strong buyer based feedback will boost the owning Competence of the company.
  3. H2: Forming a strong buyer based feedback will not boost the owning Competence of the company.



SAP will find it bountiful for the business processes if they improve durable relations with their customers and they will be able to provide more preferred and valued operations. Through a strong customer feedback, SAP will not find it hard to identify the deficient parts in the business operations and they can take the methods into account for fixing the happening difficulties. A strong customer base is constantly a good means of creating more value in customers’ thoughts and they perceive that the company is precisely focusing on the needs of each and every individual customer’s thoughts after the rendered services. Electing this alternative would be less time consuming as compared to coming up with new methods to cope up with the doubts. A fairly less amount of investment would be obligatory to generate and estimate data from the customers and through a strong customer based feedback they cannot only sustain the old customers they can attract new customer as well.Sap 2014 Reaching For The Cloud Case Solution


A list of pleased customers plays a very massive role in any company’s. SAP can create loyal customers by satisfying their needs and providing them with more value than other companies. Different customers have different needs and they are to be taken under consideration by SAP. They can gain a higher amount of customer’s information and feedback by taking their comments regarding the company’s recent performance and the issues which need to be solved. SAP can gain this information through distributing questionnaires amongst their profitable customers and the nature of the questions should relate to the possible opportunities that can be capitalized on. Theses would result in highlighting the needs of the customers regarding the company and they can later on cater the desired value to their customer and overcome the issues or shortcomings that are causing the company to lose their market share to other competitors.....................

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