Safety First in China? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Safety First in China? Case Solution


Constructing a Group Altering the Numbers The Mess PT Kalimantan Pulp (A) Safety? The Spouse's Tale Workshop Occurrence A collection of 8 cases that check out the cross-cultural stress occurring from using migrant supervisors of lots of citizenships communicating with regional employees throughout the structure of a pulp mill in Indonesia. Amongst the problems dealt with are safety, group structure, interaction issues, dispute settlement, ethical issues and the have to adjust control designs.


Pedagogical Goals:

To highlight the issues in handling multi-cultural groups in an Asia-Pacific surrounding. More particularly, the series differs experienced both with migrants and by corporations including job management in an establishing nation, e.g. the issues of stress in between cultures, expatriate-local disputes, bribery and corruption, multi-cultural group structure, management design. Each case is brief and may be utilized independently or integrated with others.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Strategy

published: 04 Jan 1995

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Safety First in China?

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