Mercer Management Consulting (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Insurance giant Marsh & McLennan acquired consulting firm Temple, Barker and Sloane (TBS) in 1987 and Strategic Planning Associates (SPA) in 1990 and aims to combine the two. The merger has been slow and painful. February 1990 after the merger, George Overholser and Ware Adams difficult decisions. Overholser, the main thing in Mercer, must decide how to deal with the problem of leading an effort to integrate the two companies. Adams, associate Mercer, must decide whether to leave the firm to join Dean & Co, the spin-off of the recently founded by former Associate Dean and Dean Wilde Silverman. Overholser, who were also invited to join the deans have already rejected the offer when it opens. Overholser, Adams, Wilde, and Silverman all previously SPA, a company whose culture and business model is quite different from that of TBS. Lewis Walker, founder of the SPA, arrived in terms of "knowledge industry consulting" and "expert advice" to describe the approach and TBS 'analytic consulting "and" model-driven consulting "to describe the Spa.« Hide
by Thomas J. Delong, Michael W. Echenberg Source: Harvard Business School 14 pages. Publication Date: July 25, 2002. Prod. #: 403009-PDF-ENG

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Mercer Management Consulting (A)

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