Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Using the data in the case, please complete the Evaluation and Development Summary presented in Exhibit 3 of the Rob Parson

Parson is the type of a person who seeks challenge, who always tries to achieve the hardest task in the department, and has been extremely efficient in the business and built some strong relationship with new clients. Parson possesses good selling skills with complimentary capital market knowledge. His nature of seeking difficult task has made him so efficient that he could handle all kinds of clients.

Parson is an initiator and he knows where to capture clients and when to make an offer and how to make the goals of clients aligned with organizational goal. Rob is a persistent market coverage professional who strives for long-term profit generation and potential benefits for the organization. Having a vast market knowledge, Parson is a highly committed market player as he has performed every task with great dedication. His commitment has made Morgan Stanley a reputable company in the capital market in a short period.

Developmental areas

Three main areas are essential for Parson to develop which include leadership and interpersonal skill to increase his fan following in the organization, continuous self-evaluation so that the personal and professional flaws could be removed and the final areas that require a higher need for development is to create the ability of teamwork.

If you were Paul Nasr, how would you plan to conduct the performance appraisal conversation? What would your goals be? What issues would you raise and why, and how would you raise them?


The flow of performance appraisal conversation must be conducted in a way that it produces a collaborative outcome for the company and Rob Parson as well. As Paul Nasr, the main focus would be on the key elements to proceed the promotional process in a collaborative approach based on the performance evaluation survey. For this, the first step of Paul Nasr is to make Parson aware of his shortcomings and weak points that are consistently stopping his promotion. Nasr must suggest some ways to Parson in order to overcome his rejection to organizational mission statement and also help Parson on achieving this kind of change.

Apart from the job performance evaluation survey, the second goal that Paul Nasr needs to achieve is to maintain an active communication with Parson about his promotion. This talk will clarify all the quires created in the minds of senior management as well as it provides Nasr a base to decide for promotion. Being at the position of Paul Nasr, it is an essential step to share the feedback of 360-degree performance appraisal with Rob Parson to show him the feedback of his internal evaluation regarding his own strength and weakness.

Based on the feedback, Parson would be asked to provide self-evaluation on his own performance. Then the managing director will comment on the performance of Parson and discuss his accomplishment with him to make him realize that company values its employees and expects the same from them.

Secondly, Parson would be asked about his own opinion on his existing position in Morgan Stanley and suggest him some alternative to bring change in his workplace behavior. In this way, Nasr would look more closely at the situation of Parson and would try to find out the cause of the ignorant behavior of Parson regarding the organizational culture. For instance, if Parson thinks that in a dynamic business world it is hard to make a consensus with his co-workers before he proceeds with his actions then as a senior managing director, Nasr should determine according to this scenario regarding what should be the best action to take when faced with such situation.

Finally, the discussion will shift to the promotional decision of Rob Parson that he needs to acquire certain management and leadership skills in order to be qualified for the designation of MD. This will at first bring a thought in the mind of Parson that he had been rejected from the promotion decision, and he might react in a disturbing way to the management. However, he will be assured that although his functional abilities are more than enough to be in the position of a managing director, but he needs to work on the people management skills.

The organization wanted to have a managing director who possesses good interpersonal skills to manage the relationship with clients and colleagues as well. If Parson keeps up his work to improve his skills, and align his goals with Morgan Stanley then he will be able to get promoted at the position of MD........................................

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